Rules of Personal Data Processing a.s. (as the Controller) respects the following rules as regards user data:

  • We respect the privacy of our users, pay adequate attention to this area and take any and all adequate measures to secure data on our users and protect them against misuse;
  • We comply with applicable personal data protection legislation;
  • We collect data on our users and use them in order to improve our services and the quality thereof and to deliver the required service or create new ones.

When the WindyMaps map service is used, we collect statistical data, and this enables us to understand how the service is used. Thanks to those data we can continue improving our services. We are also interested in technical data on the device, hardware and operation system you use. Then we use those data for internal analytical purposes.

When working with WindyMaps you also leave the following data, which we maintain and further use in order to improve the functioning of the service:

  • Expressions that you searched in the past - we offer them to you in the search history;
  • The content you have uploaded (such as photos, videos, reviews, etc. including their metadata) - we save it in the maps or other services and display them to you and other users; you can read more in the approved Licensing Agreement for User Content on WindyMaps;
  • Data on the manner in which you work with WindyMaps, how often and in what manner you use its functions - then we use those data to improve the WindyMaps service.

When you log in to WindyMaps, you can use your login data for the Windy service, which is operated by Windyty, SE and which is available on (URL): (hereinafter referred to as “Windy Service”). If you open a new account, the Windy Service may require that you provide some personal data. The processing of those data is governed by the terms and conditions of the Windy Service.

Of the personal data submitted at the time of your registration for the Windy Service, we may use the following in Windy Maps:

  • Your e-mail address for communication with you - we can send to you important communications concerning errors in the map you reported, required additions to map data, processing of pictures or other content sent by you and other additional data that you sent to us and that will be published in the map;
  • Your user name for personalization of your experience with WindyMaps (salutation within communication with you).

If you log in to WindyMaps and use the function Moje mapy (My Maps), you save some more data with us. You can save the following data:

  • The content that you have uploaded (especially pictures including their metadata) - we save it in the maps or other services and display them to you and other users; you can read more in the approved Licensing Agreement for User Content on WindyMaps;
  • Your saved footprints from mobile devices including all data on the position, length, speed and other metadata recorded by you - we display them to you in Moje mapy (My Maps), where you can further work with them;
  • Your saved routes, points, your own points, manual measuring and other items saved in the structure defined by the user within Moje mapy (My Maps) - we display them to you in Moje mapy (My Maps), where you can further work with them;
  • Data on the place of your residence and the place where you work (if you set them) - we offer them to you during the process of planning and searching to make the process easier.

Location services

Data on your position are used in order to display your position in the map and to ensure correct functioning of the WindyMaps service.

If you use Sat Nav, we collect your position and further use anonymized data in order to update data on traffic in your surroundings.

When using a tracker, we save your position once the tracker is on, and we make it possible for you to save the data as a passed route in Moje mapy (My Maps). We use those data in order to improve our services.

If you allow this within the operation system, we collect your position data even if you are not using the application at the moment, and use the data in order to improve our services.

We can also use your position data for content personalization - if you log in, we improve, for example, suggestions and search functions. We can also maintain the history of those data.

Or you can save your position data in the map in Moje mapy (My Maps) after login.

What else is done with your data

  • The content you published within the WindyMaps service may be linked with you (your name or user name or another identifier) and displayed like that publicly;
  • By storing your uploaded footsteps anonymously, you can contribute to the public database of routes, in which case we will remove any information that could potentially identify you;
  • You cannot remove, in the future, the content which you uploaded to the WindyMaps service as an anonymous user;
  • If you log in to the application, you can remove your data saved in Moje mapy (My Maps) at any time, including the uploaded content; you can also remove the expressions in your search history at any time;
  • If you request deletion of all the data related to your user account in the Windy Service, the data related to the WindyMaps service will be deleted, too;
  • If you uploaded your content in the maps and thus granted to Seznam licence rights to that content, the content that has already been used will not be removed even if you have asked for deletion of all the data related to your account in the Windy Service - only the link to your person will be removed.

Who else has access to WindyMaps data

The data is processed by, a.s. (as the Controller) in accordance with the rules described above.

We do not share data with unknown third parties. In certain situations, anonymized data can be provided to other data processors with the aim to provide a service and improve your user experience. Certain data that you have uploaded (such as photographs and other content) relating to places of interest in the map (POI) may be provided as part of map data within the services to, a.s. or to our contractual partners.

Our processors